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Welcome to #GUHSDreads Summer Reading!

Banner with books in space and text "The Universe Awaits #GUHSDreads summer reading 2023"

Our 2023 summer reading theme is: The Universe Awaits.

The Universe Awaits reminds us how:

  • Reading is a way for you to explore the universe from wherever you are.
  • Just as the universe is always expanding, you can expand your personal universe through reading.
  • There is so much reading available and “awaiting” – we hope that the summer reading program will help you discover reading resources and opportunities available to you as a member of the GUHSD community.

Inspired by this year’s theme, the levels in the game are all space-themed. As you level up through reading-related missions, earn critter mascot statuses from all across the universe!

When completing quests, you will also earn in-game Gold that you will be able to spend on real-life prizes. The Store will open at the end of the program from July 17-30, 2023 and prizes will be delivered soon after school starts.

Thank you for showing up! Ready to launch?

Check Out What Readers Have Shared!

When completing quests, players may opt into sharing what they’re reading and creating to be featured here!

Browse the Daily Recommendations Archive

On the “Daily Recommendations” map, there is one quest per day that goes live with a reading recommendation. Players can gain experience and gold simply by logging in each day to see the recommendation. The 6-week program is divided into three triads, each lasting two weeks. Log in every day per triad to earn a streak badge. If you log in every day throughout the 6-week program, players can earn an ultra rare “All Daily Recommendations Streak” badge.

While you can only complete recommendation quests on the day that they are released, you can view past recommendations in the archive below.