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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that is not on this list? Use this form to submit your own, and we will keep adding to this list as we get questions! You can also earn credit for doing so as a “Submit a questions or comment” quest.

  • What’s with the levels?
    You may have noticed a level tracker underneath the top blue menu. This tracks the XP that you have earned, and your level is based on that amount. Called “Read Where You Are,” the 2022 Summer Reading Program levels are all named after local destinations. Each level will bring you closer home to our iconic GUHSD District Doors! 

  • Who’s going to see what I submit?
    A core value of librarianship is intellectual freedom, which includes the right to privacy. By default, we have made settings so that the work that you submit is private and only viewable by Teacher Librarians – let us know if you notice that we accidentally missed a setting! However, we would also love to share your amazing creations and insights if you agree to it! So, during the summer, it is possible we may ask if you give permission for us to share an awesome submission.

  • Do I have to do all of the quests?
    No! There are only a couple of initial quests that are required to get you started. And, in order to earn certain badges, you may be required to complete a certain number of quests on a map. However, you get to choose which ones you complete. Therefore, if you don’t want to create an account for a certain program, you’re not required to do so. Also, you do not have to complete quests in a set order. You can pick and choose from any on the map.

  • What if I accidentally marked a quest as completed even though I didn’t actually do it?
    First of all, thank you for demonstrating integrity! If you accidentally clicked Complete, just look for an Undo button!

  • What do G, S, and C mean in the top blue menu?
    G = the amount of gold that you have earned. S = silver and is equivalent to 0.1 G. C = copper and is equivalent to 0.01 G. So, for example, if you have 123.45 Gold, it will appear as 123 G 4 S 5 C. How do you earn fractions of gold? As you gain REP (reputation) points, which are usually fractions, those serve as multipliers for the amount of gold that you earn.

  • What do we do with the gold that we earn?
    You may have noticed that you earn gold as you complete quests and that it is being tracked in the top blue menu next to the Home button. We will be opening an online store at the end of the summer for you to spend the gold that you have earned! We will post an announcement when it opens!