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How to Play

Log in For the First Time

STEP 1: Click on the Login icon in top blue menu.

Menu Bar with buttons: Home, Quest Maps, Store, Login

STEP 2: Click on the Continue with Google button and sign in with your @guhsd.net account.

Screenshot of Continue with Google button

STEP 3: Set up your account with a Display Name, Avatar, and Section (the school you attend). You are now registered in the game!

Navigating the Site

Like any new program, it can be a little confusing when you are first learning the interface.

Gameful web page menu with options: Home, How to Play, About Us, FAQ

If you are reading this page, then you are on the How to Play page of the web page menu above. These web pages have informational content about the game. On Home, you can find Announcements, you can learn more About Us, and see the site FAQ.

Looking at the top of the screen, notice that there is a blue menu. This menu has links to your personalized game.

Blue Menu screenshot with buttons: Home, Quest Maps, Blog, Stats, Scoreboard, Profile
  • Home – This gets you back to the main game Home web page.
  • Quest Maps – This is where you access the gameplay! Quest Maps are where you will find the quests to complete.
  • Blog – When you submit work in Quests, this is where it goes! See your past responses and submissions here.
  • Stats – Growing Readers is a game! See your personal stats here. This is where you can track what badges you have earned, see a record of your activity, and more!
  • Scoreboard – Curious to see who else is playing and how they are progressing in the game? This is where you can find a leaderboard!
  • Profile – Find and update your basic profile, including your Display Name, Avatar, and Section (school).

How to Start Playing

Quest Maps button

The best way to learn how to play is just to start! To start, simply click on Quest Maps, and you will see a drop-down menu to toggle between available maps.

Screenshot of quest maps drop-down menu: Getting Started, Reading World Exploration, Quick Reading Adventures, Longer Reading Campaigns, Crafting Lab, Training Center, Daily Recommendations, Weekly Bonuses

This summer, there are 8 different Quest Maps. Each map includes a different variety of quests for you to complete.

You get to pick which maps to explore. And, within maps, you get to pick which quests to complete. You can go in any order and choose whatever you are in the mood for at the time. It is all your choice!

Please note the following availability of maps: The Getting Started and Training Center maps will be available starting Wednesday, May 11, 2022. All other maps will only be available during the full 8-week program run dates of May 29 – July 23, 2022.

Learn more about the types of quests that you will find on the various maps:

  • Getting Started – Begin your journey on this map. After completing these “Getting Started” quests, you will be set to explore the other quest maps!
  • Reading World Exploration– These quests explore the many reading options you have available to you and they don’t require reading whole books. It’s all about becoming familiar with the reading-related / bookish world.
  • Quick Reading Adventures – People sometimes think that reading is just about books, but it’s much more! These quests involve reading content other than whole books, including reading in different ways such as reading aloud, reading with your ears, reading with visual images, and more.
  • Longer Reading Campaigns – This map features longer, more challenging reading quests (generally requiring the reading of whole books). Engaging in sustained reading activities is important to practice!
  • Crafting Lab – The quests on this map are all about you creating works of your own to share
  • Training Center – Use this map to help keep yourself accountable with smaller reading goals. Repeat quests to help you build reading habits and stamina!
  • Daily Recommendations – Each day you get XP just for coming back to this Quest Map! See recommendations to learn more about different titles to explore!
  • Weekly Bonuses – This is a map of weekly-released bonus challenges! Each week, a new challenge will be unlocked. You can complete any of the unlocked challenges from previous weeks if you have not yet attempted them.

Once you are on a quest map, simply click on one of the tiled quests to see what it is. Read and follow the instructions to complete the quest – each quest has its own unique instructions. Upon completion of quests, you will receive experience points to level up and earn gold that you will get to spend in the online store at the end of the program.

Hopefully this is enough to get you started! If you have any questions, check out the FAQ page, which includes a form to contact us. We hope that you enjoy playing!